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Mailing List Compilation Services

Mailing List Compilation Services

Data-Entry-India.com has extensive experience in delivering mailing list compilation services to customers across the global. By outsourcing mailing list compilation services to an expert service provider like Data-Entry-India.com, you can ensure that you are reaching the right prospects or customers for promoting your product or service. A specialized service provider can help you get customized solutions at reduced costs, besides, turn around the task quickly, subsequently enabling you to proactively respond to market variations.

Data-Entry-India.com completely understands your prospects and marketing objective. In spite of the fact that there are several sources for acquiring contact lists, majority of them prove to be poor-quality, overused, or out-of-date. Data-Entry-India.com specializes in precisely compiling a mailing list that is accurate and current.

Based on your requirements, we can compile business and consumer mailing lists as well as clean, enrich and standardize the address. Furthermore, we can also undertake projects that need authenticating or updating a standing database. We have expertise in compiling mailing lists from a variety of sources – online marketing directories, printed documents, and by scrubbing raw data. 

Application Areas

  • Mailing List Data Entry from web / printed Directories
  • Merging or Splitting of data fields like contact name (splitting / combining the First Name, Last Name in one field), city, state, zip code/mailing code (splitting the fields in diverse columns or joining them in a singular column)
  • Mailing Address Verification
  • Mailing list De-duplication
  • Removing obsolete records
  • Updating / standardizing/ modifying the information
  • Inserting or removing fields
  • Gender Verification
  • Address Verification (State, City, Zip code)
  • Removing errors related to Spelling and Upper /Lower Case

Benefits of outsourcing Mailing List Compilation services to Data-Entry-India.com

  • First and foremost, rest assured of a comprehensive solution and superior results          
  • Current and correct information for your email marketing campaigns
  • Experienced and qualified data mining and web research analysts
  • Stringent quality assured
  • Effective, advanced and time bound services    
  • Faster Turnarounds
  • Ability to handle voluminous data
  • Up to 50 - 60% savings in the operational cost
  • Free Sample job to give you an insight into our work flow processes and deliverables.

To learn more about our Mailing List Compilation Services, please get in touch with our sales team. Write to us at info@data-entry-india.com.

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