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Online Data Entry Services

Online data entry or remote data entry is the most secure method of data entry. While offline data is entered into a hard disk, local drive, or a server or device connected to a local network, online data entry involves directly typing into the clients' online web based applications, databases or remote servers. Filling out online Forms, collecting data from databases or websites, data entry of cards and documents into online databases, online data entry of products for online shops, online data entry of property for real estate agents are some typical examples of online data entry. All these tasks take time but most businesses these days cannot do without them. Further, the non-specialist is unlikely to find online data entry jobs very tractable because of the training and variety of skills it requires. Businesses, however, can outsource Online Data Entry Services to a skilled partner and skirt a lot of hassle and expense besides saving on time. With our state of the art infrastructure that includes high bandwidth redundant internet connections, firewalls and up-to-date antivirus software we provide the best and most secure online data entry services.

Outsource Online Data Entry Services to Data-Entry-India.com:

At Data-Entry-India.com we have been performing a variety of Online Data Entry tasks for over fourteen years with a lithe efficiency. We have set ourselves the highest standards of quality and accuracy and are uncompromising in attaining and maintaining them. We use state of the art content management aids to meet your online data entry needs. Whenever necessary, we customize our software for workflow and data capture. You can hire our Online Data Entry Services for performing online data retrieval to build an online catalog, remove redundant information from and upload product images onto one, perform image editing and image stitching and enter data from PDF/printed brochures or the web into an online data base. We can also update the databases of online stores using the resources of manufacturers’ websites, identify and add client specified products to their website database and improve or re-write the textual descriptions of products and services offered on a website.

Our Online Data Entry Services professionals are experienced, versatile and extremely well trained. As a part of our Online Data Entry Services we also do data entry and verification from image to text, web to web and web to text and online data mining from the web for a project or to provide information on a subject. If needed, our Online Data Entry Services team can coordinate with your in-house team to better understand your requirements and perform its duties more punctiliously. Our Online Data Entry Services can handle and draw upon every kind of data source. We provide Online Data Entry Services within the quickest turn-around times at the most economical rates.

Our Online Data Entry Services are especially relevant for businesses in banking, insurance, transport, education and ecommerce. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified for our Information Security Management Systems and you need not suffer the slightest apprehension regarding the safety of your data as you make us your Online Data Entry Services partner. At Data-Entry-India.com we will help you economize on every front – time, money and man-power – and concentrate on your core activities by unburdening you of taxing Online Data Entry tasks.

Advantages of making Data-Entry-India.com your Online Data Entry services partner:

  • An agile, industrious and well trained team
  • Unqualified safety and confidentiality of data
  • Economy, savings to the tune of 60%
  • State of the art technology, software and data mining tools

Our Online Data Entry Services include:

  • Data entry from hard or soft copies to any database format
  • Images online data entry
  • Creation of new databases and updates of existing databases for airlines, banks, direct marketing services and government agencies.
  • Data mining and warehousing
  • Online editing, sorting, indexing, copying and pasting of data
  • Mailing lists’ and labels’ online data entry
  • Online product catalogs’ data entry
  • Online stores and shopping sites data Entry
  • Online data entry for survey forms
  • Online data entry for mailing lists
  • Online data entry for product registration cards
  • Online numeric data entry
  • Online data entry for product registration cards
  • Online data entry of property for real estate agents
  • Online data entry from HTML pages
  • Online data entry for credit card applications
  • Subscriptions online data entry
  • Online bills’ and receipts’ data entry
  • Online data entry for shipping documents
  • Coupon redemptions online data entry
  • Indexing of vouchers and documents
  • Online data entry for insurance forms
  • Online entry of customer feedback
  • Online order entry and follow up
  • Data entry from medical claim forms and hospital records like patient notes and accident reports.
  • Online Data entry from e-books and e-magazines
  • Online subscriptions data entry
  • Bonded mail handling cash, credit and check processing
  • Custom data export or import Interfaces with audits
  • Data entry from hand written documents
  • Data entry for credit card applications
  • Online data entry from hand written documents
  • Online data entry from legal documents
  • Product registration cards’ online data entry

For more information on our Online Data Entry Services mail us at info@data-entry-india.com.

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