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Data Entry Services for Clients in UK

Inaccurate data could have a direct impact on your company's bottom line. An average company loses around 12 percent of its net income due to inaccuracy in its database, according to 2014 Experian Data Quality survey conducted among 1,206 companies based in the UK and some other developed countries. A clean, accurate, and updated database forms the backbone of your business process operations. This, however, does not mean that routine data entry tasks should be prioritized over your core business. To get the best of both worlds, consider outsourcing data entry services for clients in UK to a specialist outsourcing vendor like Data-Entry-India.com.

We collect, process, organize, and update your business data, allowing you to do what you are good at. Having access to an organized database enables you to identify the risks and opportunities, and make the right decisions well in time.

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Data Entry Services at Data-Entry-India.com

We provide end-to-end data entry services to both small and large organizations based in the UK. Equipped with advanced tools and an experienced team, we provide fast, accurate, secure, and cost effective data entry services in the UK. Here's a look at our major services.

Keyboarding and manual data entry - Involvement of skilled human operators is almost essential for quality data entry tasks. For instance, data entry from legal documents requires familiarity with legal jargon, while data entry from handwritten documents needs careful observation by human eyes. At Data-Entry-India.com, we use a combination of advanced tools and skilled workforce to ensure near-perfect accuracy. Our keyboarding and manual data entry services are available for business cards, company reports, dictionaries, legal documents, and database management tools.

Online data entry - We are committed to provide highly secure online data entry services UK. To this end, we use high bandwidth internet connections, latest network security system and updated antivirus software. You can even get your data entry jobs done remotely. Our experienced operators would login to your computers through remote-access VPN, using our secure, dedicated connections.

Other Value-Added Services Related To Data Entry Services UK

Data processing UK - Whether you want to get your data captured, extracted, converted, organized, or digitized, we cater to all your data processing requirements. You can have us standardize your database, conduct statistical analysis of your customers, competitors, and stakeholders. We also specialize in forms processing, survey processing, and credit card processing. The final product is delivered to you in your preferred format.

Data mining services - We not just collect, process and store data, we turn raw data to valuable information, using standard data mining practices, such as, classification and clustering. More importantly, we can tailor our data mining services to your exact requirements. Our comprehensive range of services include books data mining, data interpretation, meta-data extraction, and screen scrapping to Excel, Access, MS-SQL, MySQL tables.

Data enrichment - According to the 2014 Experian Data Quality survey, around 44 percent respondents admitted that missing information is the biggest challenge in database management. We check your database for inaccuracy, irregularity, inconsistency, and compliance. We use advanced tools and expert human operators to identify and eliminate data duplication issues; verify, rectify, and update your database; cleanse, standardize, optimize your data; and fill out missing parts of the information.

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