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XML Conversion Services

Extensible Markup Language or XML is a set of rules for the encoding of documents and serialization and transportation of data. XML is an open standard recommended by the W3 Consortium. It is the most commonly used tool for data transmissions between applications. Documents encoded in the XML format are both machine readable and human readable. Its chief advantages over other web publishing formats are simplicity, scalability, validation capability, flexibility and versatility. Documents of multiple formats can be converted into XML. Because of the many advantages it offers, many organizations and businesses these days expend significant amounts of money and labor to convert their documents in the XML format.

Outsource XML Conversion Services to Data-Entry-India.com:

At Data-Entry-India.com we can convert any document type into the XML format proficiently and accurately. Our XML conversion specialists employ the latest software, content analysis and transformation tools to accomplish XML conversion projects for you. Along with XML conversion we will also perform XML tagging for you. We are equally at ease converting both electronic format and hard copy documents. We are veterans of the field have worked for businesses in various sectors form across the world. By outsourcing XML Conversion Services to us you will concentrate better on your core activities, substantially cut down on operational costs and breeze way ahead of all competition.

Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry and rates the most economical.


Advantages of Data-Entry-India.com’s XML Conversion Services:

  • Experienced and dedicated professionals
  • 24*7 customer service
  • Economy
  • Quickest turnaround rates
  • 99.9% accuracy

We perform:

  • PDF to XML conversion
  • Word to XML conversion
  • Binary to XML conversion
  • TIFF to XML conversion
  • HTML to XML conversion
  • RTF to XML conversion
  • SGML to XML conversion
  • Hardcopy to XML conversion
  • XML tagging
  • XHTML to XML conversion

For more information on our XML Conversion please mail us at info@data-entry-india.com

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